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Gold Landscape Package From


*GST Inclusive. Landscape Packages effective date 25/5/2022

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9m Allotment | 33lm x 9lm = 297m2


Package Includes

Concrete pavers (300x300x50mm)
to Driveway & perimeter paths. Includes 9m2 for crossover.

Garden beds with loam and mulch, plants include are:
  > Liriope Muscari “Just right” - 140mm pot x 35 off,
  > Rhaphiolepis “oriental peal” - 170mm pot x 9 off,
  > Magnolia “Teddy bears” - 330mm pot x 10 off,
  > Agapanthaus SP - 140mm pot x 10 off,
  >  Lavandula Angustifolia - 140mm pot x 10 off
  > Japanese Box hedge - 140mm pot x 34 off,
  >  Lagerstroemia Indica “Crepe Myrtle” - 330mm pot x 1 off.

Provide battery operated tap timers (programable) to front and rear garden beds with drippers.

Panel Fence 1800mm high panel fence (69Lm),
Colours from standard range.

Single gate with Galvanised frame, panel face and latch.

2000L thin Tank rainwater tank includes pump and concrete pad.

Single fold clothesline freestanding up to 28.5m drying space.

Painted Pergola 6000mm x 4000mm

White Crest Post Mounted Letterbox includes post.


Excluded from package / Site Preparation and rubble base to pavers, Concrete invert/kerb, Any landscaping to crossovers, Plinths or retaining, Electrical supply to rainwater tank,  Council application fees for pergola.

Upgrade to Mature plants / Price on application.

Option to upgrade letterbox
Black Seaford Post Mounted Letterbox $50
2 Charcoal Plymouth Pillar Letterbox 900mm x 360mm $208

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9.0m Rear Perspective 1.jpg
9.0m Rear Aerial Perspective (No Fence).jpg